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Why Buy A Refurbished Toughbook Rather Than A New One

Why Buy A Refurbished Toughbook Rather Than A New One

Panasonic Toughbooks are a great option for those who need rugged devices that will last. They're used in hospitals, warehouses and more. The Toughbook line includes everything from laptops to tablets and even handhelds.

However, if you are on a budget and need a way to save some cash while still getting a laptop that can handle the wear and tear of your job site or warehouse, then buying refurbished Toughbooks may be right for you!

In this article we will explain the benefits of purchasing a refurbished Toughbook and the differences between a new and refurbished device.

What is a Refurbished Toughbook?

So what is a refurbished Toughbook? A refurbished Toughbook is a used Toughbook that has been inspected, repaired, and restored to factory specifications. They are usually returned because of software problems or cosmetic damage.

Refurbished units come with the same warranty as new units and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they perform as expected. You can trust our refurbished products because they meet the quality standards of new machines—plus they cost less!

Refurbished units are available in every model and configuration of Toughbook laptops, tablets, and accessories. You’ll find a wide selection of refurbished products on our website at Rugged Books Inc.

If you are looking for a good deal on a refurbished Toughbook, then look no further than Rugged Books! We have an excellent selection of refurbished models available at affordable prices. All of our products come with warranty and the fastest shipping—you can’t beat that!

Our refurbished Toughbooks are thoroughly inspected, repaired and restored to factory specifications. They are usually returned because of software problems or cosmetic damage.

Is Refurbished Toughbook Worth The Savings?

Buying a refurbished Toughbook is a great way to save money on your rugged device. Refurbished Toughbooks are often less expensive than new ones and come with the same warranty as a new one. The only difference is that the manufacturer has examined it, repaired any problems and tested it to ensure that you don't get something broken or non-functional.

Here are some other reasons why buying preowned laptops makes sense:

  • They're in almost perfect condition. It's not like refurbished products are sent back from customers because they contain major issues; instead, they're sent back because of minor defects like scratches or dings that don't affect performance at all.
  • They have warranties! If anything goes wrong with your computer within a certain period of time (usually 90 days), then you can take advantage of your manufacturer's warranty by contacting them directly over email or phone call—and potentially even via live chat if they offer this feature!
  • They're backed by the manufacturer or certified resellers themselves! When buying an item directly from someone else through eBay or Amazon, there's always going be some risk involved—but when dealing directly with companies such as Rugged Books Inc R2 or Panasonic who are certified to repair these computers themselves then there shouldn't be any issues whatsoever since these companies know exactly what kind of quality control techniques will keep things working properly--which means no viruses either ;)

Refurbished Devices Are Better For The Environment

Rugged Books Inc is a R2 and ISO certified refurbished device reseller, which means that we take their environmental footprint seriously. Rugged Books only use environmentally-friendly materials and processes in the production of their products, and they also offer an extensive recycling program for any old devices that are returned from customers who have already purchased one of these refurbished laptops. This is excellent news for anyone concerned about the environment because it means you can buy a refurbished computer without having to worry about harming the planet in any way!

They’re less likely to be thrown away, which means they will last longer. The same goes for refurbished devices, as they don’t have to be replaced as often due to damage or obsolescence.

The likelihood of being upgraded or refurbished means that these used computers will last even longer than new ones would—and this extends their lifespan by years!

Refurbished Toughbooks are also more affordable than new ones. The price difference between a refurbished devices and one that is brand new can be hundreds of dollars, which can make a big difference for families or students on a budget. Used devices also save money because they don’t need as much power, so you won’t have to pay for electricity when you use them!

Is It Safe To Buy Refurbished?

A refurbished Toughbook from Rugged Books is safe to buy because we are certified R2 environmental standards. These are the highest recycling and environmental standards in the world, and they ensure that your products will be safe for you and the environment.

All our rugged devices come with a standard 90-day warranty, and a one-year extended warranty. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us at any time!

It's tested and repaired by experts so that it's as good as new. We test each rugged device before we sell it to ensure it meets our high standards for performance and quality. If a device doesn't meet our standards, then we won't sell it!

The best part is that you'll save a lot of money. We've got dozens of different models and configurations, so there's something for everyone.

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Can I Customize A Refurbished Toughbook?

Yes, you can customize a refurbished Toughbook. You can choose the storage, memory, and accessories you want. For example:

  • Storage: 512GB SSD, 1 TB SSD, etc...
  • Memory: 4GB or 16GB, etc...
  • Accessories: Fan Assembly Kit, Keyboards, Expansions, etc...

Buy a Toughbook From Rugged Books Inc

At Rugged Books Inc, we have a huge inventory of refurbished Toughbooks. We have been in business since 2016 and are one of the top resellers of refurbished Toughbooks in the Canada. Unlike many other places that sell refurbished products, we guarantee that your refurbished Toughbook will perform like new and come with the highest quality at the fast shipping time in the industry.

We also pride ourselves on our 5-star rating with Google Review and offer a 90 day warranty policy if something goes wrong.


If you are in the market for a new Toughbook or have one that needs some repair work, consider buying refurbished. It will save you money while providing a quality product.

You can also customize it if needed.

If you are interested in getting better deals from us call us today at +1 888-585-5388!

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