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University and college communities are uniquely innovative and fast-moving environments. The wide variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices used on campus by students and faculty create a significant opportunity for anytime, anywhere, any device learning.

At the same time, schools, colleges and universities are continually challenged to meet shifting compliance requirements, maintain security, and bridge the gap between the expectations of users and the capabilities of the institution.

At Rugged Books Inc., we are excited with our partnership with different educational institution that has a requirement to use Rugged Computing Solutions in department such as maintenance, R&D, and others.  Our Refurbished Rugged Computing Devices meet the computing needs as well as the price sensitive departments, that have limited budgets.   With the exceptional customer service and the high quality of service provided by Rugged Books Inc., the refurbished devices are as good as new, and leaves our customers very satisfied with our service.

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