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Regardless of what level or branch of government you work in, chances are you’re at the forefront of your industry, bolding blazing trails and working tirelessly to plan, build or protect our future. We know you don’t take that responsibility lightly, and neither do we. That’s why we’re here to equip you with the durable and cutting-edge technology you require to get your all-important job done.

Our sales and support staff are unmatched when it comes to identifying or configuring the optimal solutions for government contracts and our government customers. If you need unfailing performance in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments and you need it at a cost that fits into your budget, you need a Rugged Computing Device, and you need our expertise.


Whether you’re a municipal government employee on-site at a new facility build or you’re overseas in the armed forces, you have needs that only the most rugged, durable and high-performance equipment can meet. Our new or refurbished units offer exactly that:

• High performance. These units operate flawlessly in even the harshest conditions where so many other devices simply fail.

• Ultra-reliable connectivity. Connecting field workers with the applications, data, and office staff and support teams they need, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

• Multi-functionality. Integrated GPS, HSPA and other application-specific module options make these units the multi tools you need for your operations and your budget.

• Screen visibility. Simple to see your screens under direct sunlight during the day and in low light at night.

• Battery longevity. Government work often means long days in areas with limited power access. You need a machine that provide up to eight hours of run time with a single battery charge.


The following Federal Government Agencies are ideal candidates to use Rugged Computing Devices: asset management, code compliance, infrastructure construction, maintenance and repair, environmental and health protection, public safety operations.

The Following Provincial & Municipal Agencies are ideal candidates to use Rugged Computing Devices: asset management, fleet management, GIS surveying, infrastructure, maintenance and repair, training and education, public service, utility diagnostics and management, parking enforcement, public safety operations, compliance and inspection

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