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Health Care


In the Healthcare sector, there’s a sophisticated range of solutions that is deployed in a cross functional manner. Healthcare organization need to communicate with other clinicians and access information from anywhere.  Hospital staff need the ability to have an enabled structured workflow to coordinate clinical codes, transporters, housekeeping and OR.  This includes secure communication by message, voice and video between provider and patient.  With the challenges of increased homecare, which requires the mobilization of workforce, coordinate routes, mileage, access to clinical data, and coordination with first responders and remote clinics; Rugged Books Inc., is capable to fulfill a wide range of New and Refurbished Rugged Computing Laptops, Tablets and Handhelds, to securely and successfully meet the computing criteria of the Mobile workforce of the Healthcare Sector.  Here are our differentiation in the healthcare sector:

  Better Total Cost of Ownership) TCO:                                                                           

  • Going Digital: Mobile Healthcare staff going digital, means better care for their patients. Here’s how:
  • Access vital patient info securely & in real time
  • Input any outcomes, notes and updated patient records directly into your central system
  • Send or receive critical data from even the most remote accident scenes instantly
  • Reduce referrals to consultants with 3D digital imaging
  • Connect to other devices such as EKG, ECG and blood pressure machines
  • Reduce data errors that could potentially cost lives
  • Track and trace medication, patients and equipment
  • Cut travel times and costs
  • Order equipment, medication and resources more efficiently
  • Protect patient confidentiality
  • Go paper free

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