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At Rugged Books, we understand that not only are your Ruggedized Computing Devices major investments you’ve made, but they’re also a major part of your life and business. We know it’s almost impossible to imagine a day without your device. That’s why we always endeavor to provide the fastest and most complete service and repairs possible. We know downtime is a nightmare, so if you’re dealing with it right now, fill out the form on this page to tell us about the problem, or start a chat with one of our professionals.


In order to complete repairs as quickly as possible, we have full-time certified repair technicians on-site. That means when your unit arrives, we have a trained and experienced technician ready to start the diagnostic and repair process immediately.

Our knowledgeable repair technicians are certified in Microsoft and Apple, amongst other operating systems, and are extensively experienced in Laptop/Tablet repairs. We always use a standardized diagnostic process which combined with our knowledge and experience allows us to efficiently diagnose hardware faults, OS problems, or any other issue that could be affecting your computer or tablet and efficiently undertake all necessary repairs or maintenance.


Like we said above, we know what it’s like to try and get through the day without your go-to computer or gadget. Unnecessary downtime is unacceptable to us, and that’s why we always strive to have a turnaround time of 48 hours from the point at which we receive your shipment. This 48-hour benchmark represents our best efforts, and due to replacement part order wait times or other unforeseen circumstances, we can’t always guarantee it will be that quick. However, we can guarantee that we will always try to meet or exceed that 48-hour expectation.


Even if your unit is not covered by our warranty, we always provide our customers with fair, predictable repair rates. This means a flat Ruggedized unit repair rate of just $99, plus any costs associated with replacement parts or freight. That $99 flat rate includes all diagnostic services as well as labor.

We also take care to make sure the cost of your repairs and new parts do not exceed the value of the unit. If your unit repairs aren’t going to be cost effective, we’ll let you know exactly what the situation is and your options moving forward in regards to repair or replacement.


Our certified technicians have worked on a tremendous number of Computing Devices. Some of the most common issues we see include:

• LCD replacement
• Keyboard replacement
• Motherboard replacement
• Touchscreen replacement
• Memory upgrade
• Hard drive installation
• Operating system installation/reboot

If any of the above issues are affecting your unit, or any other problem is, for that matter, get in touch with us today for quick, cost-efficient repair services.


We all know how quickly technology tends to get outdated. If your once-flawless Rugged Laptop/Tablet is now slow, lagging and costing you time and money but you’re not ready to invest in a new one, you need to send it our way for our upgrade services. We can upgrade your operating system, increase your RAM, take you from an HHD to an SSD, and more. Our expert technicians will get your machine running like it’s new again.

We also offer a spare part service that keeps it easy to prolong your unit’s lifespan. If you can’t find the part you need listed on our website, simply get in touch with us and let us know what you’re looking for. If it’s available, we’ll find it.


We’ve told you all about your certified, experienced and knowledgeable repair technicians, and we unquestionably stand behind their work. That’s why we offer a nearly unheard of 90-day warranty on all of our repair services. We also offer an extended warranty, which you can read more about by clicking below.

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