WHY Refurbished

Buying refurbished computers is one of the smartest things people can do.  With budget reductions, continues freeze on spending, and pressure on companies bottom lines, going the refurbished computers way is not only smart, but also efficient, economical, and environment friendly.  When buying computers, you must always get the best functional unit for the money you are spending.  So, here are some reasons that you should buy a refurbished computer.

  1. Saves you money.

    Clearly, one of the benefits, is that Refurbished Computers are much more less expensive that a new one of the same model.  That translates to greater value for your dollar, or simply, more savings.

  2. Refurbished computers are as good as brand new ones. 

    Conducting a step-by-step testing between a brand new unit and a refurbished unit, yields the exact same results.  Whether you're testing the speed of the browsing the net, or running an application.  Both new and refurbished computers yield the same results.  Refurbished computers last for long times, similar to new ones.  The reason they are refurbished, is that, they still carry incredible value, as companies, lease them for two years only.

  3. Failure Rate are similar to new ones.

    People may think that refurbished computers will break quickly, and have performance problems. That is just a myth.  When we refurbish our computers, we conduct extensive unit testing, testing every component, and replace any component such as memory, or hard drive, or screen, to ensure it is as good as new.

  4. Powerful enough to run a business.

    Our computers normally comes off lease from different business, and have track record of running business level applications.  They are not similar to the cheap entry level consumer computers.  

  5. Help the Environment.

    Every computer that gets refurbished, is one less unit going to the dumpster and adding to the huge electronic junk that have direct impact on the environment.  Buying a refurbished computer helps reduce carbon footprint, and makes people feel good that they are contributing to a cleaner environment.