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We stand behind our products, we stand behind our parts, and we stand behind our work. Every new or refurbished Rugged Computing Device you purchase from Rugged Books includes a non-transferrable standard warranty. The coverage you receive under this standard warranty is free and it’s also automatic – that means no forms to fill out and no hoops to jump through.

Under the standard warranty, for any New Ruggedized Laptop/Tablet you purchase from Rugged Books, you will never be charged service fees for repairs for as long as you are the rightful owner. This includes service fees related to diagnostics as well as labor. For the first six months of your unit’s ownership you will also receive the enhanced six-month warranty that renders replacement parts free of cost, excluding batteries.

After this six-month enhanced warranty period you will continue to receive free repair services under the standard warranty, but customers will have to cover the cost of replacement parts unless an extended warranty is purchased.


If you would like to continue to receive replacement parts for your Ruggedized Unit free of cost after the initial six-month ownership period, you can purchase an extended warranty for your unit. Our extended warranties come with one and two-year options, each priced at $100 per year per unit. These extended warranties can be added to your order during your initial purchase.

You can also contact us at 1 (888) 585.5388 to add an extended warranty at any time within six months of your purchase date.


We know our certified, experienced repair technicians are second to none, so we provide a 90-day warranty on all of our repair services. This warranty only applies to services and parts directly related to the repair in question.


There are a number of items and circumstances that are not covered under any warranty, whether it’s our standard warranty, the initial six-month enhanced warranty, or the extended warranty.

These items and circumstances include but are not limited to:

• Any physical damage including damage from spills
• Keyboard wear
• Cracked LCD screens or shields
• Worn or cracked anti-glare coating
• Anything related to batteries
• Anything related to touchscreens not installed by Rugged Books 
• Anything related to viruses or virus removal
• Any alterations to the OS, including updates.  Any and all warranties will be voided by any dismantling or defacement of products.

For more information on our warranties or to purchase an extended warranty for your unit, get in touch with us today.