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R11L Tablet



One Step Above Semi Rugged

Durabook Rugged Computers

  • Duraboook R8 Tablet

    Field service professionals require a reliable and rugged device as an essential tool. Durabook recognizes the importance of providing technology capable of enduring the rigors of demanding work environments to ensure optimal operational efficiency.

  • Logistics Performance

    For field service experts, a dependable and robust device is a fundamental necessity. Durabook acknowledges the significance of furnishing technology that can endure the challenges of demanding work settings, guaranteeing the highest level of operational efficiency.

  • Durabook S15AB Laptop

    Maintain your productivity regardless of your location with the S15AB. This device is designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor work settings. It boasts a 15.6” FHD display that remains easily readable even in sunlight, supports up to three storage drives, offers an impressive 13.5 hours of continuous operation outside of the workstation, and can withstand drops of up to 3 feet.

Rugged Laptops

Made for all Situations

Every Durabook laptop offers unparalleled security, unwavering durability, and exceptional performance. They are seamlessly compatible with the Windows® operating system, ensuring a user-friendly experience akin to your personal devices. Unlike consumer technology retrofitted for business purposes, these laptops are purposefully designed to thrive in the challenges of your enterprise and specific environment.

Rugged Tablets

Purpose-Built for You

Efficiently and accurately managing a range of daily tasks, from inspections to inventory management to compliance reporting, is essential. This is precisely why Durabook has crafted specialized enterprise tablets tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry. Our rugged tablets seamlessly blend sleek design with robust security, enduring durability, and top-notch performance to ensure you can successfully accomplish your tasks.

Introduction to Durabook

DURABOOK's exceptional lineup of rugged products guarantees that you receive precisely what you anticipate: purpose-built devices tailored to meet the specific needs of every professional.